A Great Day For An Air Show!

Weather was a little on the warm side but the sky was clear and just right for the Atlantic City Air Show on August 24th. The committee got to the boardwalk a little early, with Steve Hutton making the delivery of our tent, table, weights, and giveaways and Joe Velez and Peter Engelman on station ready to receive. The three of us finally figured out how to put the committee’s new tent up, and it looked fantastic!

Tent graphics designed by Aviate Creative, LLC

We told the sailors they didn’t have to arrive too early, but we set aside the table provided by the city for the crew to sell their t-shirt, ball caps, coins etc. All profits from their sales go towards the submarine’s MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) fund.

The crew looked great as usual and between ourselves and the sailors we attracted a lot of visits from people in the city for the Air Show. We handed out free coasters with our logo on, and gave out trifolds and explained what our role was regarding the boat and her crew. We solicited donations and pointed out that they could visit our web site to make contributions.

Crew members busy answering questions and selling

Not too long into the event we were joined by committee member Timi Lindsay and the four members stayed through until the end of the event, which was at 3:30pm at the conclusion of the Thunderbirds demonstration.

Special thanks to Ed Troche, Bill Aitken, and Joe Velez for getting the committee our new embroidered polo shirts. They turned out great and made the team look that much more professional!