February Newsletter

A Word From The NJ Submarine Commissioning Committee

Back in December we welcomed a new CO for the submarine, Cmdr. Steven Halle. Cmdr. Halle replaced the outgoing CO, Cmdr. Jared Smith, who has since left the Navy to move into the private sector. While Cmdr. Smith wasn’t with us for very long, we certainly appreciated his support. We now look forward to working with Cmdr. Halle on what should be the final stretch before the commissioning event. 

Regarding the submarine herself, work continues in Virginia on finishing construction. A major milestone in the process of preparing the submarine to join the fleet is taking the nuclear reactor critical, something that should be happening very soon. 

The question we get asked most (not too surprisingly) is when will the submarine be commissioned, and where will it take place?  The moment we know what the decision is, and we’re confident it will take place in New Jersey and we will know relatively soon, we will publish the information on our website at http://www.njcommissioning.org 

One thing we will do soon thereafter is make available a way for the public to submit their request to attend the event. The Navy will receive all requests that we get and will review them prior to any approvals and issuance of invitations. 

In our next newsletter we’ll hopefully have updates on the commissioning, on upcoming crew visits, and a progress update regarding construction.

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