STEM Merit Badge Fair

The USS NEW JERSEY(SSN796) Commissioning Committee partnered with Boy Scouts of America to host a STEM Merit Badge Fair where nearly 200 Scouts from across New Jersey learned about topics like Nuclear Science, Chemistry, Oceanography, Digital Technology and Computer Programming. The event was organized by Monmouth Council’s Middlesex District and took place at Hoover Middle School in Edison, NJ.

While Merit Badge Fairs are common, with each District holding an annual event, offering topics like Nuclear Science is quite rare, and this fair was considered to be a treat for Scouts who were up for the challenge. Scouts had opportunity to talk with crew members throughout the day who shared their experiences living and working on a submarine along with providing an understanding of how various technologies are used every day in the Navy. 

Thank you to Carlton Hoye, MBA, PMP for coordinating this event and to the crew for making the trip from Norfolk, VA, where they are preparing the USS NEW JERSEY for sea trials prior to commissioning in late 2023. 

This crew visit is part of the larger “namesake” program sponsored by the USS NEW JERSEY Commissioning Committee to raise awareness and build a relationship between the boat and the State of New Jersey. To learn more about the Commissioning Committee or to make a donation to this historic event, visit