Crew and Committee Visit NJ Air National Guard

Crew members from the USS NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) visited the 177th Fighter Wing, NJANG located at the Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. The visit took place in August towards the end of our last ‘namesake visit’ where we bring crew members to New Jersey.

Hosted by Deputy Wing Commander, Colonel Aaron Dunn, the crew, including Winfred Cameron, learned about the federal, state, and community vision and values of the Fighter Wing. The crew also visited Maintenance Ops where they learned about the important requirements and dedicated service to the Fighter Wing, both in front and behind the scenes. Lastly, they visited the Fighter Wing Base F-16 simulators where the crew took turns “flying” and F-16! They experienced the in-flight realism with smiles and awe for what professional airmen must undergo in their training.

While at the 177th, the crew got an up close and personal look at the Air Force Thunderbirds who were just getting ready to depart the area after their wonderful performance at the Atlantic City Air Show – Thunder Over the Boardwalk.

This visit was one of the many highlights of our namesake visit!

George Goldhoff, President of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

While the crew of the USS NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) were in town earlier this month, we had the pleasure of meeting George Goldhoff, President of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Mr Goldhoff shared the Hard Rock story with us and the motto on which the company is founded, “Love All-Serve All, Take Time To Be Kind, Save The Planet, and All Is One.” Mr. Goldhoff also took us on a short tour.

Visitors to the Hard Rock frequently thanked and greeted the sailors as we were taken around to see the various restaurants, memorabilia and more.

Mr. Goldhoff also treated the group to such at the iconic Whitehouse Sub. Subs for submariners!

Thank you so much for your hospitality!

Crew and Committee Members Visit the EHT Police Activities League

Crew members of the USS NEW JERSEY (SSN 796), including Chief of the Boat, Winfred Cameron, visited the EHT Police Activities League last week while they were in NJ as part of the Commissioning Committee’s namesake program. Accompanied by Ocean First Foundation’s Executive Director, Kathy Durante, and Vice President of Commercial Lending, Jeff RopieckiHector Tavarez, EHT PAL Executive Director, and Michelle Stella Riordan (Williams), STEM Director, hosted us as several very impressive members of the STEM program shared their projects with the crew. 

Younger campers had the opportunity to ask the crew questions about the newest submarine to be commissioned to the United States Navy and their experiences as submariners. We were all very impressed with the overall program. Well done, EHT PAL!

Photo credits go to Michelle Riordan. Thank you.

Crew and Committee Visit the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City

On PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796)’s recent namesake visit to New Jersey, the crew visited the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. We were able to tour the facility and see the great work Dr. Charles A. Wallace II, CNED and his team are doing with some of the young people of Atlantic City. Students were able to ask the sailors questions about life on a submarine and careers in the Navy. Special thanks go to Sean Pattwell and Tom Meehan from the CRDA for arranging this special event.

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All donations will be used to support the crew and the commissioning events leading up to the USS NEW JERSEY joining the fleet. We intend to have sufficient remaining funds after her commissioning to create a scholarship program for the crew and their families.

New Jersey State Police Host Dinner for Crew and Committee

Several crew members of PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) are in New Jersey this week as part of the Commissioning Committee’s namesake visit initiative.  On August 15th 2023, Troop Commander Major Michael A. Krzyzkowski of the New Jersey State Police hosted dinner for the group at Killarney’s Publick House in Hamilton, NJ. 

Thank you, Major Krzyzkowski (top left), for your support and generosity.

USS New Jersey Visits 177th Fighter Wing

The following day after the Atlantic City Air Show the committee and crew members visiting from the USS New Jersey were granted the chance to visit the 177th Fighter Wing, NJ Air National Guard.

Big thank you to committee trustee Marshall Spevak for organizing the visit! Joining Marshall, were committee members Joe Velez, and chairman Stephen Hutton.

After an orientation session that explained the role and composition of the unit we were taken to meet with two pilots on standby for immediate departure (should the need arise), their F-16s fully fueled and armed. We were able to get up close to the aircraft and the sailors had some great questions for the two pilots.

While we weren’t allowed to take photos at this point their Public Affairs person (Senior Airman Hunter Hires) took the following photo for us of USAF Capt. Patrick “SOJO” Schiffer discussing his aircraft and his mission.

U.S. Air Force Capt. Patrick "SOJO" Schiffer
U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Hunter Hires

After this fantastic Q&A opportunity we were taken to get a photo with a nearby unarmed F-16c Fighting Falcon

mmission Committee and USS New Jersey Sailors Visit 177th Fighter Wing
U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Hunter Hires

Next the crew and committee were in for another treat as we were taken into a highly secure area where two F-16 flight simulators were in place. Every sailor and committee member was given a chance to ‘fly’ an F-16, and in Marshall’s case deplete all his ammunition and require rearming in mid-flight.

Such a unique military experience so unlike anything submariners typically have an opportunity to participate in. At the end of the visit gifts were exchanged and it looks like the beginning of a friendship between the SSN 796 ‘Devil Fish’ and 177th Fighter Wing ‘Jersey Devils’.

A Great Day For An Air Show!

Weather was a little on the warm side but the sky was clear and just right for the Atlantic City Air Show on August 24th. The committee got to the boardwalk a little early, with Steve Hutton making the delivery of our tent, table, weights, and giveaways and Joe Velez and Peter Engelman on station ready to receive. The three of us finally figured out how to put the committee’s new tent up, and it looked fantastic!

Tent graphics designed by Aviate Creative, LLC

We told the sailors they didn’t have to arrive too early, but we set aside the table provided by the city for the crew to sell their t-shirt, ball caps, coins etc. All profits from their sales go towards the submarine’s MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) fund.

The crew looked great as usual and between ourselves and the sailors we attracted a lot of visits from people in the city for the Air Show. We handed out free coasters with our logo on, and gave out trifolds and explained what our role was regarding the boat and her crew. We solicited donations and pointed out that they could visit our web site to make contributions.

Crew members busy answering questions and selling

Not too long into the event we were joined by committee member Timi Lindsay and the four members stayed through until the end of the event, which was at 3:30pm at the conclusion of the Thunderbirds demonstration.

Special thanks to Ed Troche, Bill Aitken, and Joe Velez for getting the committee our new embroidered polo shirts. They turned out great and made the team look that much more professional!

Reception for Atlantic City Air Show

On Tuesday August 23rd the visiting sailors from the USS New Jersey, along with members of the commissioning committee were invited by the Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce to attend a reception being given primarily for military participants in the upcoming Air Show. Principal among the attendees were the pilots and support personnel from the USAF Thunderbirds demonstration team – the ‘to be’ highlight performers for the following day’s air show.

So grateful to the AC Chamber of Commerce for putting on this event and for allowing us to be attendees. The following photo doesn’t do justice to the scale of the event, but was the best I could manage:

Atlantic City Air Show Here We Come

Only a few days away from the Atlantic City Air Show and we are ready. Look for us on the boardwalk by ‘Boardwalk Hall’ right next to the tent for the Battleship New Jersey. We’re bringing several crew members up from the new submarine the USS New Jersey to visit Atlantic City and get to know our state.

During the air show we’ll be manning our tent and looking for you to stop by if you’re there to meet us and some of the submarine’s crew. Come and meet us and learn about our mission of supporting the newest USS New Jersey as she readies to join the fleet next year. The sailors will be selling some souvenir items – ball caps, t-shirts, and more… and we will have a few little giveaways too!

We’ve done several of these crew visits now in various parts of NJ to introduce the crew to their namesake state as well as to give our state’s residents a chance to meet the sailors who will be proudly sailing the third US warship named New Jersey.

Interested in helping the committee?

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