‘First Meal’ Aboard the PCU NEW JERSEY

On Friday June 30th commissioning committee members Stephen Hutton, Peter Engelman, Julianne Dobs, and Timi Lindsay, were honored to be allowed to join the command and crew of the PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) as they celebrated the first meal aboard the boat. This is a significant milestone in bringing boat to life allowing the crew to potentially berth aboard and eat aboard the submarine from that point on.

Seen above Dr. Susan DiMarco (ship’s sponsor) and committee member Peter Engelman share the ‘first meal’ with crew members aboard the PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796)

The ship’s sponsor Dr. Susan DiMarco, and her son Jeh Johson Jr. were among the guests aboard this day. In addition to breaking bread with the crew we were all afforded a tour of the boat as she her systems and facilities come together. The meal was excellent and left us truly impressed with what the culinary specialists are able to accomplish in such tight quarters.

Seen above – Culinary Specialists and crew members who prepared and served the ‘first meal’ aboard the PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796)

Dr Susan DiMarco

Seen above Dr. Susan DiMarco (ship’s sponsor) shares ‘first meal’ with crew members aboard the PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN 796)

The crew and officers were gracious and took the time to explain the numerous systems and their functions (or at least what they were allowed to) and it was clear that this vessel has considerable communication and system advantages that make her superbly efficient for conducting her future missions.

Thanks to the CO, XO, COB and everyone else involved in making this a truly memorable visit!

We look forward to announcing, hopefully soon, the date and location of the PCU NEW JERSEY’s commissioning.