Mayor Bollwage’s ‘Our City’ Event for Elizabeth. NJ

Thanks to Mayor Bollwage of the City of Elizabeth, NJ for hosting a Q&A with Commander Steven Halle (CO of the submarine PCU NEW JERSEY), and Stephen Hutton, Chairman of the Commissioning Committee.

We explained the purpose of a commissioning committee, and shared information about life aboard a submarine. We also talked specifically about the to-be commissioned submarine being completed at the Huntingdon Ingalls Industry shipyards in Virginia, the USS NEW JERSEY. Elizabeth, New Jersey was where the very first commissioned US Navy Submarine was constructed: the USS HOLLAND (SS-1).


This was an important part of a week’s worth of events in and around Elizabeth, NJ as we celebrated what is considered to be the birthplace of the US Navy’s Submarine Force. Elizabeth was the city where the very first US Navy submarine ever to be commissioned was built: the USS Holland (SS-1).

She was acquired by the USN on 11 April 1900 and commissioned on 12 October 1900, Lieutenant H. H. Caldwell commanding.