Another Major Milestone

PCU NEW JERSEY (SSN-796) completed another major milestone towards delivery! They recently passed the Navy’s acceptance testing which is the final stages of becoming an operational unit to the fleet.

“The crew’s performance was exceptional as they demonstrated a full range of operational capability, said Captain Steven Halle. “Their tenacity and grit ensured the inspection board was able to observe an unprecedented number of events in a short period of time. “

A recent news article described NEW JERSEY as “the best and deadliest,” and their Captain could not be more proud of their accomplishments.

A bit of history… the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) was initially established by Congress in 1870, with legislation enacted in 1882, to inspect our Navy ships and to report on their readiness. It is a thorough inspection that examines ships against Navy standards to determine readiness in myriad areas. When a ship has been constructed by a shipyard and turned over to the U.S. Navy, an INSURV team must certify the vessel prior to declaring it operational.