Reactor Soon To Go Critical For First Time

The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) is preparing to take their nuclear reactor, which will power the ship for its 40 years of service, critical for the first time. This major milestone paves the way for the NEW JERSEY to support the fleet and our nation.  To achieve Read More

Trenton Fleet Week

The crew of the NJY intends to maximize its support for Trenton Fleet Week 2-8 May.  We look forward to seeing a large portion of the crew attend several events and continue to better get to know its namesake state!

Roll Out

At the end of January or early February March or early April, NJ will be moved from its initial assembly building to a floating drydock.  Multiple hydraulic sleds will lift the 7,900 ton vessel and slowly move it a quarter of a mile to the water.  She will stay within Read More

Post Core Hot Operations

The NJY recently completed a major construction milestone of Post Core Hot Operations.  This is a series of tests and operation in the engineering plant following installation of the reactor core. This was the first time in the ship’s life the engineering plant was heated up to operating temperatures.  Testing Read More

PCU New Jersey Sailor of the Year

On August 19th the commissioning committee travelled to Hampton Roads Navy base in Virginia to present Sailor of the Year awards recognizing the outstanding performance of two individuals from the PCU New Jersey