Congratulations to the Newest Submarine Qualified Member of the Crew!

 HMC (SS) David Morales, also known as DOC, has earned his dolphins! 🐬

Becoming qualified in submarines represents an intensive personal effort to meet the high standards and special requirements of submarine duty. This achievement highlights his dedication, skill, and commitment to excellence.

Well done, DOC! Welcome to the elite group of qualified submariners!

Coffee For Sale

Wake up every morning with a great cup of coffee while knowing that you are supporting our sailors!!

We are proud to announce that the New Jersey Commissioning Committee has formed a partnership with Bridging the Gap, a non-profit organization located in Manasquan, NJ.  Bridging the Gap is a veteran run organization whose mission is to “educate, advocate, and assist in preparing Military Veterans and Family members to be successful in their career after honorable service to our nation.

The mechanism is through coffee (good coffee!).  We have established our own private label – “Firepower for Freedom,” matching the slogan of the ship.  Coffee, coffee mugs, and insulated travel tumblers can all be purchased on our store at

Mike Ferraro, President of Bridging the Gap stated, “The Coffee Platoon is thrilled to be the Official Coffee of the USS NEW Jersey Submarine Commissioning with our Firepower for Freedom Coffee Blend.  Every coffee bag or box sold supports sailors and families of the submarine.  We also look forward to being part of the celebration surrounding the commissioning week.”

First Stage of Sea Trials Complete!

The USS NEW JERSEY has successfully completed the first phase of Sea Trials as she prepares to join the fleet later this year.

Congratulations to the command triad and crew of SSN 796! Bravo Zulu!

The USS NEW JERSEY (SSN 796) departs the shipyard at the start of her first voyage to commence Alpha Trials.

A view of the USS NEW JERSEY from astern as she proceeds to start with her first phase of Sea Trials.

A view aft from the sail as the submarine begins Sea Trials.

Roll Out

At the end of January or early February March or early April, NJ will be moved from its initial assembly building to a floating drydock.  Multiple hydraulic sleds will lift the 7,900 ton vessel and slowly move it a quarter of a mile to the water. 

She will stay within the floating drydock to finish the last remaining jobs before being ready to be lowered and moored next to the pier for the first time later this spring.