About the Committee

The Purpose of a Commissioning Committee

A Commissioning Committee provides a wide range of events and awards leading up to the commissioning itself. These are to honor and welcome the crew, their families, and the to-be commissioned vessel to the fleet. The intent is also to introduce the crew and their families to the citizens of the great state of New Jersey and raise awareness to the continuation of the proud heritage of the name “USS New Jersey”.

The US Department of the Navy only provides funding for the actual commissioning ceremony itself. These funds pay for setting up the pier, decorating the ship, and transportation on the day of the ceremony for invited guests. Use of US Navy (taxpayer) funds is prohibited by law for receptions and gifts.

Vision Statement

In pursuit of this mission, the USS NEW JERSEY Commissioning Committee will uphold the values of the United States Navy and that of the State of NEW JERSEY.

  • For the Commissioning of the USS NEW JERSEY: The Commissioning Committee will provide the financial means to conduct the appropriate commissioning activities for the USS NEW JERSEY.
  • To the crew of the USS NEW JERSEY: The Commissioning Committee will work to develop a relationship between the crew and the State of NEW JERSEY.
  • To the Donors: The Commissioning Committee will provide clear statements of visions and goals, be accountable to the donors’ trust and expectations, and to provide recognition of their support.

Committee Board Members

President and Chairman: Peter Engelman
Vice President: Julianne Dods
Secretary: Daniel Dermer
Treasurer: John Koehr
Member: William Aitken
Member: Paul Blodgett
Member: Dave Guirguess
Member: Carlton Hoye
Member: Stephen Hutton
Member: Joe Lario
Member: Timi Lindsay
Member: Marshall Spevak 
Member: Phil Rowan
Member: Joe Velez
Member: Rob Vroman
Member: Jack Willard
Member: Mike Zimmerman

Honorary Committee Members

Honorary Co-chair: Dr. Susan M. DiMarco